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Beaulieu, Shayla K. Beley, Rachel A. Benoit, Marissa L. And they re the ones that make a big impact. In my career, that s what I ve seen. Playoffs, they re important. OfferUp, 5miles, Mercari, letgo and VarageSale are taking on big Silicon Valley players such as eBay and Facebook. These startups all tout their ability to make it easy, safe, fast and fun to buy and sell goods and services locally.But designing an experience that eliminates pain points in online shopping transactions could be the determining factor in whether these startups succeed or fail.are a lot of variables for anyone to be successful against the behemoths of e commerce, but I believe the user interface is the key consideration, said Michael Tchong, founder of Las Vegas based Ubercool Innovation, which tracks technology trends. EBay, or Amazon, or Google, or Facebook had the user experience of the Apple Store, they would double their sales.

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