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How much is Soul Worker Dzenai worth in dollars?

SoulWorker is an anime-style cost-free action greatly multiplayer online role-playing game established by Lion Games Studios from South Korea. The video game tale occurs fifteen years ago after a website, referred to as the void, began bringing devils into the globe. Fifteen years later on, youngsters that were when lost to the void were moved back to their globe. Armed with superordinary powers, these kids were to be called SoulWorkers.

SoulWorker was very first launched in Japan on April 6, 2016 with Hangame publishing the game. The Korean variation was published by Smilegate on January 18, 2017, while the English variation went into Open Beta on February 26, 2018 with Gameforge as its author. Players can download and install the English variation via Steam or through the official Gameforge website.

SoulWorker includes 6 usable personalities that have their own distinct tools as well as skills. Personality abilities can further be improved by leveling via quests as well as dungeons. Additionally, players likewise gain access to more abilities as they enhance in level.

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