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cheap Air max Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!But on the anniversary of his death, Mr Campbell's friends and family are looking to the future of the boat as work continues to rebuild it on Tyneside.Engineer Bill Smith has been working on Bluebird since recovering it from the bottom of the lake in 2001.The work is expected to be completed later this year and to mark the 40th anniversary of Mr Campbell's death, his daughter, Gina, has officially given the boat over to the people of Coniston.For now, it remains in a workshop in North Shields, where speedboat enthusiasts are being encouraged to get on board with the project to restore Bluebird.Mr Smith said: "The family like the anniversary to be kept quite low key."The main thing being done to mark the anniversary is that Gina officially hands over the boat to the people of Coniston on January 4."She had always intended to give the boat over to the people of Coniston and once our work is complete it will be going to a museum over there."Now we just need to raise about to build an extension to the museum in the Lakes so it can be properly housed."Bluebird has been at the North Shields workshop for more than five years and Mr Smith says he needs more volunteers to help with the project.He said: "The work's not a problem, we are cracking on with it and we've got the money to do it."But we want more skilled volunteers to help us out and would like to hear from anyone interested."Last month Mr Campbell's daughter announced the vessel would be rebuilt before being moved to the Ruskin Museum, in Coniston, close to where her father is buried.She hopes to secure funding after going it alone following two unsuccessful bids for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.When the wreck was first discovered five years ago by Mr Smith, efforts to restore the wreckage to full working order and put it on display in a local museum were unsuccessful after the scheme was refused funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund.During its 34 years underwater, the boat's jet engines were ruined but its frame was reasonably preserved.Announcing the decision to donate the boat to the museum, Ms Campbell said: "We have had four years of talking to the Heritage Lottery Fund and it has all been a fruitless exercise. A lot of time, money and effort has been wasted.So I've decided to go it alone and secure the Bluebird's future for the people of Coniston, whose kindness and generosity to my family has been without parallel."Ms Campbell also spoke of her desire to celebrate her father's achievements.She said: "We used to be a nation geared towards winning things but now we seem to have an apathy on winning."But my father was a winner who went out in a blaze as a hero. It would have been the way he would have chosen to go."Ms Campbell's father Donald perished aged 45 in 1967 when the jet powered boat flipped over and crashed.The smashed vessel was raised from the depths of Coniston Water in 2001 and Mr Campbell's remains were later discovered and buried in Coniston.The museum will apply for local economic regeneration funding to contribute 40% of the extension costs and will look for donations for the remaining amount cheap Air max.
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